About Us

The Ohio Construction Manager that Knocks Out Your Risk

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Since 1947, Knoch Corporation has placed a premium on eliminating risk and bringing certainty to our clients' construction projects. Knoch is a strong, capable construction manager adept at delivering excellent construction outcomes.

At Knoch, the focus of our staff is to do everything in our power to provide peace of mind to our clients. After all, the construction process can oftentimes be unsettling. Our specialty is planning and accurately costing complex construction projects, then bringing them to completion reliably.

Our range of offerings includes those you’d typically associate with a general contractor, but we also act as your construction manager at risk and owner's representative. In both of these arrangements, Knoch does the important planning necessary to minimize risk and deliver a successful project.

Our service expertise, passion for accuracy, attention to detail, operational excellence, customer intimacy and commitment to continuous improvement make Knoch the perfect choice for your next construction project.

Contact us or call 330-244-1440 to learn why building with Knoch as your construction manager means building with certainty.


Site Selection

We make sure your site is suitable for your new construction project.

Contractor/Architect Hiring and Management

We hire a strong, capable contractor or architect to lead your project.

Delivery Method

Knoch selects the best delivery method to maximize your strengths.

Budget Estimating

Knoch’s knowledge of estimating projects protects you against cost overruns.

Value Engineering

We help safeguard your project from going over budget via design alterations and alternative finishes.

Schedule Review

Knoch regularly reviews your project’s progress to ensure timeliness and avoid logistical headaches.

Change Order Management

We review change orders to determine if they’re necessary, which saves you time and money.

Lean Construction

Knoch’s lean construction techniques maximize value and minimize waste on your construction project.

We take pride in the Knoch Corporation legacy entrusted to us. With that trust comes the responsibility to build upon what most think of when they hear the Knoch name: guaranteed quality. Our quality standard now includes our guaranteed maximum price offering. Build with Knoch and you can build with CERTAINTY!

Jim Fenske, President/CEO