Lean Construction

Lean Construction Maximizes Value, Minimizes Waste


Lean Construction

Knoch Corporation is pleased to offer lean construction, a new way to efficiently design and build. Lean construction techniques follow a construction management-based approach to project delivery designed to maximize value and minimize waste.

Knoch’s lean construction techniques change the way work is done throughout the delivery process. Lean construction techniques extend from the objectives of a lean production system, and are applied in a new project delivery process. As a result:

  • The facility and delivery process are design in conjunction to better reveal and support customer purposes;
  • Efforts to manage and improve performance are aimed at improving total project performance, because this is more important than reducing the cost or increasing the speed of any particular activity.
  • Control is redefined from monitoring results to making things happen.

Knoch’s lean construction techniques are particularly useful on complex, uncertain and quick projects. It challenges the belief that there must always be trade-offs between time, cost, and quality.

Contact us or call 330-244-1440 to learn how Knoch can bring certainty to your next construction project through our lean construction techniques.


Site Selection

We make sure your site is suitable for your new construction project.

Contractor/Architect Hiring and Management

We hire a strong, capable contractor or architect to lead your project.

Delivery Method

Knoch selects the best delivery method to maximize your strengths.

Budget Estimating

Knoch’s knowledge of estimating projects protects you against cost overruns.

Value Engineering

We help safeguard your project from going over budget via design alterations and alternative finishes.

Schedule Review

Knoch regularly reviews your project’s progress to ensure timeliness and avoid logistical headaches.

Change Order Management

We review change orders to determine if they’re necessary, which saves you money.

Lean Construction

Knoch’s lean construction techniques maximize value and minimize waste on your construction projects.